Our Company

eQuad Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian company established in 2002, and has been has been providing multinational and local companies with leading IT solutions in Malaysia and across Asia Pacific.

We have a team of business consultants with a broad range of experiences and expertise that has been crucial to delivering highly customised business and operational applications and solutions to our customers.

In 2008, eQuad Technologies obtained MSC Malaysia status. This status is awarded by the Multimedia Development Corporation (part of the Government of Malaysia) to companies that is recognised to have developed and used technologies to produce or enhance products and services, and for process development. We derived our MSC status primarily based on our work in developing and introducing a state-of-the-art integrated warehouse management system (iWMS).

eQuad Technologies is a registered independent software vendor (ISV) of Microsoft. This partnership provides eQuad Technologies with full access to all Microsoft products and support services.

Our services

Warehouse Management System end-to-end solution


All our projects are handled by an experienced team of business consultants and developers with the expertise to deliver highly customised business and operational applications and solutions to our customers.
We work with our customers to understand business and operational requirements while providing feedback on best practices and benchmarks.

Mobile Solutions

We can make your business more productive, predictable and profitable by taking advantage of the most cutting edge tools and technologies available. The choice of tools to be used will depend on business operating environments and requirements, with emphasis on simple and reliable technologies. Our applications can be integrated with :
Barcoding technologies Mobile smart terminals and scanners, Wireless equipment, RFID devices, GPS equipment ,Smartphone applications

System Integration

Our applications can be integrated to most back-end systems including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, etc.

Fantastic Support

Our comprehensive support structure enables us to provide you with responsive support

Visibility + Accuracy = Efficiency

Designed for growing companies, eQuad's iWMS Warehouse Management System
automates manual-based processes from purchasing to shipping and delivery to customers.
Complete visibility and control is a mouse click away.

Our approach

How do we do it?

Review Assess

Review, Assess

Engage with client project teams, Continuous improvement, Identify objectives and requirements, Perform gap analysis



Design solution, Develop project plan



Develop application, Integrate with back-end systems, Implement solution



Train personnel, Perform user acceptance testing, Cut over and risk management

Latest works

Our resources

Learn more about our products, you will find our Brochures here, as well as ways to learn about leading business solutions using eQuad's iWMS in one of our popular customer Case Studies.

Why to choose us

This brochure provides an overview of features of Integrated Warehouse Management Systems (iWMS).


This brochure provides an overview of eQuad Technologies' company profile.


This brochure provides an overview of features of Tracking Systems (GoTrac).


CHECK OUT WMS! Most Full Featured & Powerfull Warehouse Management System

Some facts about WMS features

Receiving ASN, Unload, Checking and Put-away
Fulfillment Sales Orders, Picking, Pack and Ship
Manage Transfers, Stock Count, Returns and more
CrossDock Optimising warehouse utilisation

Our Partners

Our partners — integrators, consultants, and design houses — understand how to put eQuad solutions to work better than anyone else.

Become our partner

eQuad partnership is much more than the sum of its parts. It's a way for your company to realise its full potential. A relationship with eQuad also comes with the trust, reliability, and integrity of the company behind it: giving our partners the utmost confidence as we work, together, to deliver exceptional web experiences and opportunities.

WMS challenges and benefits

Manual Operations vs. iWMS